Welcome to WorldCon 75

Hei or hi, as you say in English.  My name is Major Ursa.  I am three years old(in bear years) and I live in Helsinki.  My favorite things are space,fish, robots and stories. We polar bears are avid readers and, like so many of my relatives,I am a huge Science Fiction fan.  That’s why I was so flattered when I was asked to be the face of Worldcon 75.

I am not much of a writer as having paws makes it a challenge, but challenges have never stopped me from doing things that I really want to do as that is the Finnish way.  So, I asked Jukka Halme, our esteemed Con chair, when I was at the last staff meeting, if it was okay about starting a blog and he agreed that it was an excellent idea.  Its going to be awesome, isn’t it, Jukka?

Jukka: Yes, of course, maybe, you should tell everyone what you plan to write about?

Major Ursa:  Why did we have to start with such a hard question?  Just thinking about writing a blog makes me want to go hibernate or something.

Jukka:  Calm down, I’ll help.  And I am sure some of our many friends can help too.  They can provide you with material and if worse comes to worse, even help you write entries.

Major Ursa: Phew.  I was really worried there for a second.

Jukka: Why don’t you write about what you would like to read about like fish, space, Science Fiction, Worldcon 75, your friends, Finland and Helsinki?

Major Ursa:  You know, I think i am starting to get this.  My first blog topic is going to be an interview with you, Jukka.

Jukka:  Anything to help, Major Ursa.  You can start now, if you like.

Major Ursa: What is your name, con position and home town?

Jukka: I am Jukka Halme and I am the Con Chair of Worldcon 75. My hometown is Helsinki, Finland.

Major Ursa: Why are you involved in Worldcon 75, Jukka?

Jukka: I want to make this the best possible convention possible.  Having been involved with Finnish fandom and cons for nigh on 30 years,this is is my other family and I want to showcase it to the rest of world’s fandom.  I was a part of the bid from the get-go, and feel a sense of responsibility to make Worldcon 75 a success.

Major Ursa: What are you most looking forward to to do with the con in the summer?

Jukka: To me, fandom is love.  Having the world of fandom here, in my hometown, is pretty spectacular.  I look forward to everything.

Major Ursa: What would you most like to share about Helsinki with the rest of the world?

Jukka: The ease of our public transport.  The safety and compatibility of our city.  Our markets, parks, food and fen.

Major Ursa:  Kiitos, Jukka or thank you as you say in English. That was a huge help.  And, you know what, I just thought of  name of my blog, Major Ursa to Ground Control.  I am so psyched to be doing this.



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